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Empowered Healing

Therapist Uncensored Podcast
Thank you to Dr. Ann Kelley, internationally recognized co-host of Therapist Uncensored, for working with Safety Team members, Christine DiBlasio, Ph.D. (also of Stone House Associates), Darcy Richardson, M.S., Christina Allard, PT and Nancy Keller, M.Ed., to present a thought provoking, informative podcast; Empowered Healing: Integrating Self-Defense, Neuroscience and Affirmative Consent to Build Empowerment and Heal Trauma.  Find our podcast, broadcasted in 270 countries, here. More information about this innovative program can be found in a Continue Reading →


WCAX Interview with One of Our Associates!

WCAX:”Across the Fence” Interview with One of Our Members!

Many of our Stone House practitioners are active in various community organizations. And…we are proud of ALL the community service that our associates perform.

Today our spotlight is on one of our members, Dr. Christine DiBlasio, who recently was interviewed on WCAX’s “Across the Fence” and featured in the Seven Days Newspaper for her participation as one of the founding members of a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being, safety and ...

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