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Sips of Air

By Kerry Fantelli

There you have been
All these years
Hiding many, if not most parts of you
Taking in small sips of air so that others had enough
Helium puffs
That made your voice even smaller
Slowly drifting
Filled with gases of what you believed would make others love you
All that did was float you away from yourself
The ground of your slippery infant being
Then you started to learn, to grow, and slowly you refused to move
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Dealing with Change

by Lindsay Fagan, M.S.W., LICSW
As the seasons are changing, it can be an important time to reflect on the topic of change. It is true that all humans, throughout the course of their lifetime, experience change. Change can be positive in that it often leads to an end of result of growth, adaptation, and confidence; while, it can also be an extremely challenging adjustment to a new reality. As adults, we often acquire a skill set gained with years ...

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Art Journey: An Expressive Arts Group for Adolescents

Art Journey: An Expressive Arts Group for Adolescent Girls, is being offered by Michelle Turbide, LICSW

Expressive Arts (EXA) provides an opportunity to increase emotional awareness,  is a tool for self-soothing, and can be a useful method for exploring the internal emotional landscape with sensory, body based, creative techniques. Expressive arts has been shown to have positive effects on the flight/flight response resulting from excessive anxiety, stress, and trauma. Differing from Art Therapy, EXA uses multi-modal experiences of visual, movement, sound, ...

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Daring Greatly…in Order to Live Wholeheartedly

This TedxTalk was sent in by a friend–coincidentally at the same time that I was reading a book by the same speaker on emotional risk taking, vulnerability, and living fully. View Dr. Brown’s presentation here . Below please find the TedxHouston write up of Dr. Brené Brown’s background (author of: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead).

Dr. Brené Brown is a ...

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Intensive Hypnotherapy

Dr. Bruce Chalmer has been helping individuals, couples, and families for over twenty years. In this short youtube video, Dr.Chalmer describes Hypnotherapy, also known as clinical hypnosis, which is an effective treatment modality to help solve a variety of problems. View his youtube video here

What is Hypnotherapy?
As the name implies, hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method that involves the use of hypnosis. So what is hypnosis? ...

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Exercise…and the Brain!

Dr. Lisa Angstman, a colleague and friend of Stone House, has summarized excerpts from Dr. Ratey’s “must read” book titled: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain:


Our culture wrongly treats the mind and body as if they are separate entities. To the contrary, a plethora of research within the last decade suggests the unitary nature of mind and body – it’s all one thing. The traditionally held belief ...

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Emergency Straw

One of my primary objectives when raising my two boys was to instill a sort of calm.  No drama.  Nothing is serious–until it is. Today the universe handed me a reminder of the old objective.  I was digging around the glove compartment of my car and found the message: the straw.  It was bent and the wrapper was tattered but the memory was fresh.  In my previous life, I drove the boys to music lessons, football practices and games and many ...

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